Lunch and Lore is a Georgia Heathen Society tradition.

We have been meeting on the SECOND Sunday of every month for over ten (10) years.

Lunch is a traditional European / family-based meal.  Make and share a dish your mother or grandmother made, or do some research on the cooking of your heritage.

Lore is a presentation on our Folkway.  Feel free to write and present a class, or suggest one.

Lunch and Lore is from noon till 5pm.  The location varies.  It may be a someone’s home or at a public park.  Updates will be posted here and on the Georgia Heathen Society list on yahoo:

We are FAMILY FIRST, in all we do.   We follow the Six Fehu’s: Flag, Folk and Family, Flax, Fodder and Frith.

Flag – every hearth or individual home.

Folk – our culture, traditions and heritage.

Family – our joy and future.

Flax – our wellbeing.

Fodder – our nourishment.

Frith – our friendship and generosity.