The Georgia Heathen Society has a fun-filled month ahead!

Saturday the 9th: Savannah Pagan Pride.  The GHS will have an education booth, and we are honored to do the opening ritual.  Come out and support your local Georgia Heathen Society!  (No membership fees, no obligations, just Heathenry.)

Sunday the 10th: Lunch and Lore.  A Georgia Heathen tradition!  Bring a covered dish to share and learn about the lore.

Sunday the 17th: Cast and Call.  Interested in runes, in galdr?  Want to learn or share what you know?

We are the Georgia Heathen Society.

What is Heathenry?

The ancestral folkway of the indigenous tribes of pre-Christian Europe.

What do you mean ‘tribes’?  Who are these tribes?

Tribe was the original word for a group of “people united by a common ancestor, by fosterage or marriage, by customs and traditions”.   Tribes are the local aboriginal people of an area.   Today, these tribes are known as countries and its peoples, such as the: Irish and Scots, Welsh and English, Germans and Austrians, French and Spanish, Norwegians and Swedes, Finns and Estonians, Lithuanians and Russians, Czech and Polish, and the Italians and Swiss (to name a few).

Likewise, tribes are also regions, as seen here in the United States (or ‘Vinland’).   These tribes are: Northeast and Eastcoast, Southlands and Texastru, Midwest and Central, California and Pacific (generally speaking).   The word ‘tribe’ is rooted in the word three, so that many scholars believe that a primal trinity is at the beginning of such tribes.  Some male Heathen trinities include:

-Taranis, Esus and  Toutatis (Celtic/Druid);

-Óðr, Vili and Vé (Germanic/Scandinavian);

-Svarog, Perun, and Veles (Slavic).

And some female Heathen trinities:

-the Mórrígan (Macha, Badb and Nemain – Celtic/Druid);

-the Norns (Urðr/Wyrd, Verðandi and Skuld – Germanic/Scandinavian);

-the Matres (there are hundreds of ‘Mothers’, three familiar ones are Austriahenae, Vacallinehae and Aufaniae – all Germano-Celtic)

-the Zorya/Auroras (Utrennyaya, Vechernyaya and Polunochnaya – the Morning Star, the Evening Star and the Midnight Star/Sun [respectively] – Slavic).

What does ‘Heathen’ mean?

Heathen is an English word and means ‘not Christian, Muslim or Jewish”.   It comes from Gothic haiþi, “dwelling on the heath (open, sustainable earth)”.

What is Heathenry today?

Heathenry is the native European folk beliefs and practices from the Iron Age up until its Christianization during the Medieval period.   Heathens today are Neopagans who embrace not just a religion but a way of life and living – a worldview.   They do this by studying the ancient history, culture and traditions of their pre-Christian ancestors.

I’ve heard that Heathens / Asatru are god/male orientated.  What is the role of women in Heathenry? Heathens are family orientated – honoring their ancestors in daily life.   Men are attracted to Heathenry because it actively supports the military.   In fact, both Heathenry and Native American folkways honor the warriors in their midst.  The role of women in Heathen is whatever they decide it to be.

What about seasonal rites.  What are they?

Heathen holy days (or “tides”) and their corresponding Neopagan celebrations:

Yule Yule
Disting Imbolc
Easter / Ostara Ostara
Walpurgis / May Eve Beltane
Summerfest / Midsummer Litha
Loaf Fest Lughnassadh
Harvest Fest Mabon
Winternights / Samhain Samhain